Creating Engaging MOOC Experiences to Drive Behavior Change
Tuesday, January 29, 2019
11:00am - 12:00pm EST

Digital transformation and innovation are top of mind for learning professionals. They are being pushed to think about how it applies to the modern learner and take advantage of new technologies to improve performance. How do we meet the learner in their moment of need and drive behavior change? A corporate MOOC. These learning experiences rely on spaced, micro, and social learning to deliver relevant content. The concepts aren’t new, but finding the right digital platform and design to blend them together is.


During this webinar, Matt Donovan, Senior VP of Digital Learning Strategies and Solutions and Cara Halter, Instructional Designer, will introduce how a corporate MOOC can make a difference in your organizational performance and bring learners through a unique digital learning experience. Together, they will provide insights on:

  • Ways to apply learner-centric design to create engaging MOOC experiences.
  • The benefits of spaced learning to support change management.
  • How a digital platform can connect people through traditional and digital means.
  • Real examples of a successful MOOCs being implemented in large organizations today.


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