Seven Secrets to User Adoption Success
Thursday, June 21, 2018
11:00am - 11:20am EDT

A major factor in getting ROI out of any enterprise system is the adoption rate; program success depends highly on people using the system correctly to do their jobs. Despite being around since the 1990s, getting the return on enterprise business systems can still be a struggle for organizations across all industries. Even with the recent advent of cloud technologies and other business applications touted as being “simpler,” the degree of change for the workforce in many cases remains high. According to TSIA, “Many a software deployment delivers 100% on the business requirements only to fail in the final phase of user adoption.”

Join us for this free 20-minute webinar, presented by Kimberly Kemp, Director, Business Transformation, and Brian Makowski, Business Transformation Manager, who will share personal stories, real-world examples, and best practices for user adoption and change management to support successful enterprise software implementations.

During this interactive webinar, Kim and Brian will provide easy-to-understand insights on their Seven Secrets for user adoption success drawn from their experience in the following areas:

  • Change Readiness
  • End User Adoption Readiness
  • Post-Go-Live Readiness

Additionally, Brian and Kim will share how you can assess your program for readiness and develop an early roadmap to help gain critical leadership and stakeholder alignment and commitment.

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