eLearning Journal Strategies for Transformation Summit 2020

eLearning Journal Strategies for Digital Transformaton Summit 2020 will be held on October 6 in Munich, Germany.

The digital transformation of the German economy continues unabated, with far-reaching effects on in-company training. On the one hand, technical innovations enable new forms of teaching and learning, both in conjunction with and as an alternative to traditional face-to-face training. 

What role do technological innovations such as augmented reality, virtual reality and, in particular, artificial intelligence play in this context? What does a modern and future-proof learning concept look like? These and many other questions will be addressed and discussed in the keynote speeches and in the World Café of the “Strategies for Digital Transformation” congress.

GP Strategies' Tim Burmeister, Learning Transformation Manager, will give a presentation at eLearning Journal Summit 2020.

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